Start your diving career by becoming a Divemaster!

Tired of your routine? Do you want to discover the world? If diving is your passion and you secretly dream of making it your profession, join French Kiss Divers, pass your Divemaster exam and become a dive guide!


The Divemaster is the first professional certification and the first step towards becoming a diving instructor. With this professional training, you’ll be able to guide certified divers anywhere in the world.


  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Have logged a minimum of 40 dives.
  • Have a medical certificate of no contraindication to diving.
  • Be able to swim properly and be in good physical condition.
  • First aid and oxygen administrator training valid for less than 24 months.
  • You must have your own professional equipment, including: fins (with or without neoprene booties), mask, snorkel, dive computer, compass, wetsuit (5 mm minimum), decompression parachute, slate, whistle, knife. We strongly recommend that you bring your own stabilizing vest and regulator. These will be mandatory if you decide to start working.


1. Theoretical training

Our Divemaster training program is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to become a diving professional. You will participate in theory sessions which are divided into 2 parts:

1. You will take the Diving Science specialty, which covers the following 5 topics:
– physics ;
– physiology ;
– environment ;
– equipment ;
– decompression theory

2. You’ll follow the Dive Guide, which covers the role of the dive professional, SSI terminology, history and philosophy. Then you’ll learn all about planning dives, group outings and other diving-related activities.

At the end of each section, you’ll take an MCQ exam.


2. Physical tests: swimming and diving

To become a Divemaster, you must of course have professional diving skills.

You’ll need to pass a series of swimming tests:

  • 700 meters with fins, mask and snorkel in under 20 minutes or 300 meters freestyle.
  • Horizontal freediving for 25 meters with fins, mask and snorkel.
  • Float at the water’s surface for 15 minutes unassisted.
  • Pull an unconscious diver over 100 meters in less than 8 minutes (divers will always be equipped).


3. Pedagogical application

During your training, we’ll look at

  • Introducing the F.F.E.S.S.M (Fédération Française d’Études et de Sports sous-marins).
  • Learn to deploy a signal parachute (SMB).
  • Evacuation plan, how to draw up an emergency evacuation plan for a specific site.
  • Learn to give a briefing specific to maintained diving.
  • Learn to map an underwater site.


4. Support

Assisting the instructors and divemasters on our team will certainly be the most important and interesting part of your training.

You’ll assist our instructors during all the courses they can teach: Baptisms, Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer, React Right, Diver Stress & Rescue, but also all the specialty courses for which you are already certified. During these assistantships, you’ll have the opportunity to refresh your skills, but also to take them to the next level.

You’ll also be assisting our team of divemasters. You’ll be able to improve your navigation, the quality of your briefings and your control group in general, until you’re competent enough to accompany your first certified divers, all on your own, like a Professional Divemaster.


5. Sales and advice

Like everyone else in the diving center, the divemaster must be able to inform customers about the various courses and also sell them. He or she must play an active part in the life of the club, welcoming new customers, making them feel at ease, providing information and filling in registration forms.

Dive Guide French Kiss Divers

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Divemaster SSI


At the end of the training program, you’ll receive your Divemaster recognition card directly on your MYSSI application!


Price : à partir de 17 000 000 IDR ~ 1088 $

Our Divemaster training is available in a number of packages. Please contact us for more details.

Next step

As a Divemaster, you’ll have already acquired solid diving skills and developed a passion for underwater exploration. You can then continue your training to become an Open Water Instructor. This will enable you to share your passion with other divers, deepen your knowledge, certify new divers and more. Take advantage of a 10% discount on your ITC (excluding SSI fees) by combining your Divemaster training with your ITC!

Open Water Instructeur SSI


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Ready to turn your passion for diving into an exciting and rewarding career?

Book your Divemaster training with us now and pave the way to new possibilities in the underwater world. As a Divemaster, you’ll be a respected leader, guiding other divers on incredible explorations and sharing your love for the oceans.

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