Discover diving in Nusa Lembongan!

Ready to put on your flippers and embark on an adventure? Learn the basics of scuba diving with FFESSM levels. In just a few days, you’ll acquire all the skills and techniques you need for guided exploration diving, to a depth of 60 meters.


The FFESSM (Fédération Française d’Études et de Sports Sous-Marins) is a federation with an internationally recognized system of diving levels.

Here are the main FFESSM levels:

    Level 1 Diver

    The Level 1 Diver (N1) is the first stage in diving certification. It enables you to acquire the theoretical and practical bases for safe diving to a maximum depth of 20 meters, accompanied by an experienced dive guide.

    6 000 000 IDR ~ 390 $

    Minimum age for participation:15 years old
    Prerequisites for certification:Open Water Diver
    Number of theoretical sessions:1
    Number of sea dives :6
    Maximum training depth:20 meters
    Duration of training program:3 days

    Level 2 Diver

    The Level 2 diver (N2) is able to carry out exploration dives. To a depth of 20 meters, without a dive guide. And to a depth of 40 meters, with a dive guide who takes charge of the dive.

    9 130 000 IDR ~ 594 $

    Minimum age for participation:16 years old
    Prerequisites for certification:Level 1
    Number of theoretical sessions:2
    Number of sea dives:10
    Maximum training depth:20 to 40 meters
    Duration of training program:5 days

    Level 3 Diver

    The Level 3 diver (N3) is able to carry out exploration dives independently. Up to 40 meters without a divemaster. And up to 60 meters without a dive guide but with a dive director.

    10 000 000 IDR ~ 650 $

    Minimum age for participation:18 years old
    Prerequisites for certification:Level 2
    Number of theoretical sessions:3
    Number of sea dives:10
    Maximum training depth:40 to 60 meters
    Duration of training program:5 days
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    A supplement of IDR 200,000 will be charged for trips to Manta Point or East Nusa Penida, and IDR 300,000 to Southeast Nusa Penida.

    The price includes equipment, a local Indonesian meal, water, coffee, tea and cookies.

    If you decide to make dives after these, the price will be IDR 525,000 / dive.


    Got a question? Contact us directly on Whatsapp at +62 82341806599.

    By passing these internationally recognized diving levels, you’ll develop your skills, confidence and safety as a diver. Explore new depths, discover exceptional dive sites and progress to advanced certification levels.

    Book your FFESSM level training now and discover a passion that will lead you to unforgettable diving experiences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, let FFESSM guide you to greater mastery and incredible moments underwater!

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