Get your first aid certification with FKD!

The first aid course is required to start the stress and rescue course, and it must be validated to the maximum in the two years preceding the course.

During the first aid course, you will learn all the techniques to apprehend an accident and help a person to stay alive, you will also learn all the basics to make a diagnosis on a sick or injured person, and how to help him before help arrives!

During the Stress & Rescue (or Rescue Diver) lesson, you will learn how to handle your stress as well as that of other divers on the surface and under water, you will become comfortable with all the basic exercises for certified divers. .

You will know how to assist a panicked diver, unconscious, or no longer breathing. You will learn how to organize a search for a lost diver, how to manage an accident, contact emergencies, understand and solve the attacks made by aquatic species.

Finally you will develop your confidence as a diver and you will also be ready to help all the divers around you.

This course is a good challenge and is often the one that remains the most in your memory as a diver, so it brings you personal confidence and ease underwater.



First aid :

1 800 000 IDR (±114€)

Minimum age to participate:15
Prerequisite for certification:Nothing
Number of theoretical sessions:1



Stress & Rescue :

5 000 000 IDR (± 315€)


Minimum age to participate:15
Prerequisite for certification:Advanced/First aid
Number of theoretical sessions:2
Number of dives in the wild:4
Maximum depth for training:30 meters
Duration for the training program:two days



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