Monitor propagation and rehabilitation of coral

This three-day course with Ocean Quest Global’s “Intructor Trainer” will teach you the different techniques for spreading and rehabilitating coral. Following the techniques and educational materials developed by Anuar ABDULLAH, founder and CEO of Ocean Quest Global.

Certification and courses :

Minimum age to participate:18
Prerequisite for certification:Divemaster
Number of theoretical sessions:3
Number of sessions in swimming pool/protected environment:/
Number of dives in the natural environment:4
Maximum depth for training:18 m
Duration for the training programme:3 days

The Ocean Quest Coral Rehabilitation Trainer Course is an Educator Certification, which allows you to join and use Ocean Quest Global’s teaching system to teach the propagation and rehabilitation of coral.

The trainers of this program are committed to teaching by following the techniques and methods developed by Ocean Quest.

Coral rehabilitation techniques are known as “Coral Gardening”. It’s an unscientific program that allows anyone to learn how to rehabilitate a coral reef, and why not up to fully restore a damaged reef.

The purpose of this educational program is to ensure that corals are handled properly to minimize the impact on coral during the restoration process.



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