Introduction propagation corail

This course lasts one day, and includes 2 dives where you can observe and participate in the different stages that we use as partner Ocean Quest Global, to spread the coral, create new nurseries and thus rehabilitate some coral reefs.

Certification and courses :

Minimum age to participate:10
Prerequisite for certification:OpenWater
Number of theoretical sessions:1
Number of sessions in swimming pool/protected environment:/
Number of dives in the natural environment:2
Maximum depth for training:12 m
Duration for the training programme:1 day

The processes presented in this introduction or “Workshop” are similar to those that humans used in agriculture 10,000 years ago, but this time with coral. By simplifying the information, and teaching the crucial processes of coral rehabilitation can be related to the teaching of gardening. Instead of trying to train marine biologists, which would take weeks or even months or years, energy and resources, we teach people how to spread coral which is more effective and important if we consider how fast the coral reefs are destroyed.

Why do we need this introduction, when can we just go and spread? The answer is the same as for gardening. Everyone can plant and wait for it to grow. But the results differ according to experience, maintenance and knowledge. This introduction helps to identify the different processes to reduce the stress on corals during these operations, and also to understand the importance of monitoring and maintaining the cuttings. Also thanks to this course we make sure that the stakes are well understood, and we gardener thus understands the usefulness of having a minimum training with Ocean Quest Global to be able to carry out these projects of rehabilitation and propagation correctly and durably.



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