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SPOTS DE Lembongan

Among the best spots of the island, we take you to discover the Manta Point, the different surrounding islands ..



Enjoy this day to discover the most beautiful places in diving thanks to a english manager and dedicated instructors.


Thanks to French Kiss Divers, dive with professional equipment for more safety and fun!

+ 125 000 IDR /trip

for the Manta Point


We currently have 2 boats leaving around Nusa Penida every morning. The departure is between 8 and 10 o’clock in the morning depending on the tides, they change quickly so we must make sure we have enough water to leave and to return. One of our boats is equipped with two 150HP engines, making it noisy and safer in the water if the sea is a little rough.We offer 2 excursions:South, we leave for 2 dives at Crystal Bay and Mata Point for 5 hours with 1 hour of surface interval between each dive and a meal on the way back. North, we leave for 3 dives (the sites being closer) for a period of 5 hours and a half to 6 hours with 1 hour of surface interval between each dive and a meal between the 2nd and 3rd dive. However, if you only want to do two dives you can stay on the boat during the 3rd or snorkel for the same price.

We advise you to come with liquid on Lembongan because the island has only 4 distributors, sometimes capricious. You will have the option to pay in EUR with a rate + 3%, you can also pay by credit card with a surcharge of 5%.

If you are an active diving professional (DM, Instructor, CMAS, PADI, SSI with active status) we offer 10% discount. If you have all your equipment all offer 5% discount (cumulative with the 10%).

Our equipment is new since it was bought in September 2017 and is from the Aqualung brand. We use long 5mm suits, neoprene party favors and adjustable fins for maximum comfort.

We organize groups of 4 people per guide based on levels and experience so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Our entire team speaks French and English, you can always find a reference in English or French if you need it!

For accommodation we recommend our partner PURI NUSA, Wayhu Homestay 1, Nyoman Guesthouse and Shipwreck Inn which are close to our center and offer different price ranges. You can book via Booking or Agoda

We can help you arrange a transfer between the airport / Bali and Nusa Lembongan so do not hesitate.

We offer the opportunity to dive with 15L tanks for an extra of. 50,000 per tank (depending on availability) and Nitrox tanks for the same price.


Required Level: Beginner
Depth : 12 meters
Localisation : Lembongan island
Journey on Site : 5 Minutes.


Level Required : Advanced +
Depth : 30 meters
Localisation : North West
Journey on Site : 10 Minutes.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 mètres
Localisation : Nord
Journey on Site : 15 Minutes.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 10-20 meters
Localisation : South Penida
Journey on Site : 45 Minutes.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 mètres
Localisation : West Penida
Journey on Site : 20 Minutes.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 mètres
Situation : Ouest Penida
Journey on Site : 20 Minutes.


Level Required : Advanced
Depth : 5-30 mètres
Localisation : North Penida
Journey on Site : 15 Minutes.


Level Required : Open Water
Depth : 5-35 mètres
Localisation : North Penida
Journey on Site : 20 minutes


The different spots

There are more than twenty dive sites around Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. The most popular sites are of course Manta Point and Manta Bay, where we can see Manta rays all year long provided there are not too vague, or otherwise it will take the bike to observe them from the cliffs of Nusa Penida.

The other very popular sites are Lembongan Bay, Mangrove, Toya Pakeh, SD, Santal or Crystal Bay, and for those with a lot of experience and in search of thrills Crystal Cave, Cenningan Wall or Blue corner.

So there are sites for all levels, with a very diverse fauna and flora, manta rays all year long, and from July to October, the season of Mola Mola, these wonderful fishes look all out right from a sci-fi movie, which will make your dives on Nusa Lembongan unforgettable.

French Kiss divers offers SSI Diving trainings at all levels