Become a Divemaster with FKD!

Do you want to change your job? You want to travel around the world? If diving is your passion and you dream of doing your job, come and become a Divemaster!

The Divemaster trainee is the first professional certification to become a profesionnal diver It will allow you to bring people already certified diving, you will be the guide of the group.



Certification and courses :

17 000 000 IDR


  • Have an RSTC medical certificate
  • Being Open water certfiicate
  • Being Advanced Adventurer certificate
  • Being Rescue (React Right + Stress and Rescue) certfiicate
  • 40 dives minimum
  • Own or buy professional diver equipment
  • Have a few months in front of you (2 months minimum)
1 - Theoretical part

The Theoretical formation is divided into 2 parts. First the Dive Guide, which covers the role of the dive professional, the terminology, history and philosophy of SSI. We will discuss dive planning, group outings and any other activities related to diving. In addition to practical training for coaching, actions on the boat, at the club and safety, we will work on the briefings and the way to apprehend the customers.

The theoretical training of the dive guide is generally done on 2 sessions of 2 hours and several small workshops. And will end with a QCM exam of 50 questions.

The second part is to study the science of diving divided into 5 areas:

  • Physic
  • Physiology
  • Theory of decompression
  • Equipement
  • Environnement

These parts will be studied with your instructor. They each include 2 hours of classes.
At the end of these you will have a quiz exam of 100 questions.

2 - Practical part

To be Divemaster you must of course have professional skills as a diver.

You will need to make:


Swimming tests

    • 700 meters with fins, mask and snorkel in less than 20 minutes or 300 meters in freestyle
    • 25-meter horizontal apnea with fins, mask and snorkel
    • Floating on the surface of the water for 15 minutes without help
    • To shoot an unconscious diver over 100 meters in less than 8 minutes (divers will always be equipped)
    • Exercise of Stress and Rescue of an unconscious diver under water and on the surface by déséquipant.
    • Stress test on an exchange of equipment with his partner
    • Skill-circuits (learn to demonstrate all the exercises of the Open Water)
    • Know how to navigate with and without equipment once immersed in water (computer, compass …)


  • Presentation of the F.F.E.S.S.M (French Federation of Studies and Sports underwater)
  • SMB, learn how to deploy a signaling parachute
  • Evacuation plan know how to establish an emergency evacuation plan on a site in particular;
  • Briefing, learn to do a specific briefing on the maintained dive
  • Cartography, learn how to map a submarine site
3 - Assisting Party

Attending the instructors and divemaster of our team will certainly be the most important and interesting part of your training. During your 2 months of internship, you will assist our instructors during all the courses they can teach: Baptisms, Open Water, Advnaced Adventurer, React Right, but also all the courses of specialties for which you are already certified. During these assistantships you will have the opportunity to refresh your skills, but also to bring them to the next level.

Become an advisor

You will also learn how to handle the problems of other divers, the counselors and always make sure that they progress and understand your explanations. It will also be the perfect opportunity to see if you are made to teach diving.

You will also attend our team of divemasters. You can improve your navigation, the quality of your briefings and your control group in general, until you are competent enough to be able to accompany your first certified divers, all alone, as a Professional Divemaster.

4 - Sales and consulting part

Like everyone at the dive center, the Divemaster must be able to educate customers about the different formations and also sell them. He must participate actively in the life of the club and therefore welcome, put at ease, fill in and fill in the registration forms for new clients.



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