Coral propagation course

This 3 day course is for divers who want to master the techniques of coral propagation and reef rehabilitation with methods developed by Ocean Quest Global. Once certified you will be “Coral Gardener” and able to participate as a volunteer in the maintenance and development of projects developed by Ocean Quest Global around the world.

Certification and courses :

Minimum age to participate:10
Prerequisite for certification:OpenWater
Number of theoretical sessions:3
Number of sessions in swimming pool/protected environment:/
Number of dives in the natural environment:4
Maximum depth for training:12 m
Duration for the training programme:3 days

The goal of the Ocean Quest Global Coral Rehabilitation and Propagation Course is to provide students with the necessary Coral knowledge and reef control techniques, live rock collection, substrate, and coral rehabilitation. , selecting sites for nurseries and then learning how to put them in place and keep them in good condition for long-term use.

After completing this course, students will be able to participate in the various restoration projects organized by Ocean Quest Global, and will be ready to act in case of disaster.

This course is also a prerequisite for Coral Rehabilitation Instructor trainings.



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