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Minimum Age: 10
Prerequisites for certification: can swim
Number of theory classes: Programme en ligne
Number of pool sessions: 1 to 2
Number of Open Water Dives: 4
Maximum depth during training : 12 to 18 meters
Program Length: 3 days

With the Open Water certification, this is a whole new world opening to you and you will be able to dive everywhere in the world until 18 meters, with at least an other person certified as open water too. During the course you will learn all the basics of scuba diving, all the different technics proper to this activity, you will get familiar with equipment and learn how to use it safely. Your SSI Open Water, is recognize internationally by all the main diving organization ( PADI, CMAS, BSAC , NAUI…). You will be certified Open Water diver after you manage 20 skills in shallow water, as mastering neutral buoyancy, control emergency ascents, and after you did 4 dives in the ocean, where you’ll will have put everything you learn in practice.

The practical training will start in our swimming pool, and it is the most essential part of the training if you want to enjoy the open water dives, feel safe and get the most of it. A good fitness and motivation, are key factors to enjoy the course, even though nowadays, diving is practiced by more and more people in the world. During the course you will have to show that you can swim 200 meters without swimming aid and that you can float for 10 minutes. If you’re less than 15 y/o you’ll be certified Junior Open Water, meaning you’ll have to dive with an adult in charge of you, and that you will be limited to 12 meters maximum depth until you get 12 y/o.