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There are more than 20 dive sites around Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida. The most popular are Manta Point and Manta Bay, where you can see Manta rays all year long, if there is not to much wave, otherwise you’ll have to rent a motorbike and go to the top on Nusa Penida’s Cliffs to observe them.

The other famous sites are Lembongan Bay, Mangrove Point, Toya Pakeh, Santal or Crystal Bay, and for the most experimented diver, that want a bit of thrill, Crystal Cave, Cenningan Wall or even Blue Corner.

There are sites for every level, with a faune and a flore in top shape and very diversified. Manta all year long, from July until October, this is the Mola Mola or Sunfish season, and meeting this weird but amazing fish, will make your stay in Lembongan unforgettable.


Here is a short description of the main dive sites we’ll take you to during your time with us.


Level needed : Beginner
Depth : 12 meters
Location : Lembongan Island
Travel to site : 5 Minutes

Sandy bottom, with rock formation, rich and diversified corals. This site is for every level, beginners and open water students, but also more experimented divers that want to dive in an easy environment without courant, enjoy the flore and the faune on the reef, check out the macro life and even take some pictures.


Level Needed : Advanced
Depth : 30 meters
Location : North-West
Travel to site : 10 Minutes

Slope with plateaux and overhangs. One of the best site to see Mola Mola during the season. You will be able to spot also Marble Rays, Eagle Rays or reef sharks. The site is mainly for experimented divers, as the courant can be very strong.



Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 meters
Location : North
Travel to Site : 15 Minutes

Nice and gently sloping reef. The site is jus amazing and full of fish and corals. Huge sponges and table corals, nudibranches, different eel species, titan but also clown triggerfish, blue spotted rays, and so much more. Mangrove point is a drift dive, and it will be like flying over a kaleidoscope of colors! Keep an eye in the blue and you may be able to see some sharks or giant trevallies.



Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 10-20 meters
Location : South Coast of Penida
Travel to Site : 45 Minutes

Monta Point is a manta cleaning station, so it is almost guarantee to see some if you go there. Not the most amazing place for coral watching, but very good for snorkeling with manta, also many tropical fish to look at, and many blue spotted rays buried in the sand. Cuttle fish, bamboo sharks can also be spotted there.


Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 meters
Location : West Coast of Penida
Trip to site : 20 Minutes

Wall diving, with different plateaux and usually a great visibility, with some possible current. Big Variety of coral and fish, and potential to see the big ones in the blue. Stay close to the reef and enjoy the macro life hidden is this beautiful reef.


Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 meters
Location : West Coast of Penida
Travel to Site : 20 Minutes

Nice coral formations, with giant tables. Crystal bay is a mix dive site, perfect for beginners and open water students, with shallow sandy protected areas, but also one of the best spot to watch Mola Mola during the season between July and October.

For most advanced divers and if the conditions are good, you’ll be able to go inside the Crystal Cave which take inside a 10 meters deep corridor to come out in the middle of huge open cave where thousands of bats are waiting for you, a bit smelly but just breathtaking experience.


Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 mètres
Location : Côte Nord de Penida
Travel to Site : 15 Minutes

One of the healthiest reef in the area, with different rock and coral formation, an amazing mix of colors, giants sponges and beautiful tropical fish. The current can be pretty strong, but if not get closer to the reef, as SD is one of the best dive site to spot macro life and camouflage fish and animal like scorpion fish or octopus.


Level Needed : Open Water
Depth : 5-30 meters
Location : North Coast of Penida
travel to Site : 20 Minutes

Wall diving, with equivalent condition to SD or Santal. Very dense and colorful coral formations, can be a bit of current, but still good for any certified divers. You’l be able to see different kind of eels, turtles, octopus, mantis shrimps and many other exotic species. Like all the dive site around, always keep your eyes in the blue, as sharks, mola mola, giant trevallies and other beautiful creatures can be spotted along the way.